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Why Choose Morwin?

After years of development, Morwin has grown to become a leading blockchain technology service provider globally, with core team members from top-tier cryptocurrency exchanges and other industry leaders.
The company focuses on technological research and development and innovation.

About Us

A global leader in
blockchain technology service provider

01、The unique end-to-end solution suite meets diverse business needs.

02、Founded in 2014, with an outstanding execution team and a world-class management team.

03、We have an experienced team of blockchain professionals and multiple global offices.

04、We provide "private butler-style" high-end customized services, with 7*24-hour customer service online, to provide customers with around-the-clock operation and technical support.

05、Leveraging our strong technical capabilities and global service experience, we offer comprehensive ecosystem services including technology, compliance, security, and marketing, addressing all issues in our clients' operations.

06、Belongs to the Hong Kong listed company "MCOIN YUAN UNIVERSE (CHINA) HOLDINGS LIMITED" (stock code: 8645).

What is Crypto?
Morwin Solution

Digital Asset Exchange

We provide a complete solution suite, which covers infrastructure development and ecosystem support for forward-looking businesses.
Exploring the utilization of blockchain technology, reducing entry barriers, and increasing efficiency while lowering costs.

Our digital asset exchange solutions

✅ Our digital asset exchange solution covers core trading modules found in the market, including spot trading, contracts, leverage, wealth management, fiat, and perpetual contracts.

✅ Supports three interfaces: App, H5, PC.

✅ We provide industry-leading liquidity services and support over 3000 trading pairs.

✅ More than 10 types of operating tools to help acquire and convert users.

✅ We use Coins Bank as the underlying wallet, supporting mainstream chains and corresponding tokens of three major exchanges.

✅ Incorporating leading risk management strategies to ensure the security of transactions.

✅ Our solution includes a compliance solution that helps to address any compliance challenges.

✅ We use a decentralized matching engine to adjust to the situation of increased traffic and secondary disaster recovery.


Spot Trading System

Spot trading · Fiat trading · IEO · Trading mining · Staking · Liquidity aggregation

✅ Supports 200+ currencies, with mainstream currencies being listed with just one click.

✅ High-performance matching engine capable of processing millions of transactions per second.

✅ System security assurance, real-time monitoring of business layer, wallet, and on-chain data.

✅ Automated coin listing and automatic review.

✅ We provide customized development and operational services.

Contract trading system

Mixed contract, bidirectional opening, perpetual, isolated and cross margin, custom leverage ratio.

✅ Diverse product forms with flexible backend configuration.

✅ Flexible asset configuration, customizable collateral with a variety of cryptocurrencies.

✅ Collateral for positions and corresponding leverage ratios can be adjusted at any time.

✅ Mark price settlement is available to prevent price manipulation.

✅ Complete risk prevention system to ensure the platform has zero losses.


Over-the-counter (OTC) trading system.

Online cryptocurrency transfer and offline fiat payment · KYC authentication to prevent fraud · Fund traceability · Multiple emergency plans.

✅ Connect to off-site buyers for real-time trading, safe and convenient.

✅ Protection of user rights, support for two-way appeals.

✅ Secure audit of deposits and withdrawals to ensure fund safety.

✅ Provide trading depth and liquidity support to increase trading volume.。


Exchange operation tools

✅ The combination of marketing and operational tools, along with unique types and clear goals, makes it easy to adopt.

✅ Marketing tools are used to acquire and retain new users.

✅ The operational tools are used to mobilize existing users, increase user engagement and retention.


Operation and maintenance solutions.

✅ An overall management system that provides customers with automatic real-time system monitoring, operation, and maintenance services.

✅ Comprehensive data storage, data analysis, and data governance solutions to ensure the secure operation of asset systems.

✅ The operational team is well-versed in the operation and maintenance management of exchanges.

Morwin Solution

NFT Exchange platform solution

Morwin We provide technical infrastructure services to create an all-in-one NFT trading platform that supports diverse trading functionalities.
We offer plug-and-play integration and rapid platform deployment within 24 hours.

Key features of an NFT trading platform

✅ Blind Box: Users have the chance to obtain rare NFTs by opening blind boxes

✅ Auctions and Sales: Users can buy and sell NFTs at fixed prices or through auctions.

✅ Wallet Integration: The system can automatically detect and seamlessly integrate with third-party decentralized wallets, including identifying different chains.

✅ Royalty Functionality: The system can automatically detect and seamlessly integrate with third-party decentralized wallets, including identifying different chains, to manage royalties.


Competitive Advantages of NFT Trading Platform

✅ Rapid Deployment: The platform can be fully deployed within 24 hours, with support for one-click smart contract deployment, making it convenient to add new NFT collections.

✅ Security: NFT data is stored on IPFS, a decentralized storage system that ensures stable and reliable data storage.

✅ Proof of Ownership: Buyers can trace NFTs back to the relevant blockchain and verify their authenticity and uniqueness through provided proof of ownership.

✅ Diversified Trading: The platform supports various methods of buying, selling, and auctioning NFTs, as well as blind box transactions and transactions with multiple currencies (e.g., platform tokens, native chain tokens).

✅ Backend Management System: Customers can efficiently manage the platform through a backend system and quickly access data related to platform operations and maintenance.

✅ Multi-chain Support: Our system supports multiple chains, allowing customers to choose their preferred deployment. Customers can also set the native token or other currencies for trading, and freely switch between different currencies.

Customer type

Morwinproduct services include

Digital Asset Exchange

Provides a complete set of solution suites, covering infrastructure development and ecosystem support for cutting-edge businesses.

Diversified Independent Wallet

Supports online and offline merchant payments, intra-system transfers and receipt of funds, covering all functionalities of mainstream wallets.

Fiat Currency Trading

Supports two-way trading, free buying and selling, and a secure and reliable over-the-counter trading system, with three steps to place an order and five steps to complete a transaction.

Project Incubation

Ensures project success through a series of work including market marketing, technical development, community building, and fundraising.


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